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New Freedom Pasta

Web Design
Webflow Development

Urban Greenery

Web Design
Webflow Development

Karlin Water, LLC

Web Design
Webflow Development

Best Home Inspections

Web Design
Webflow Development

What I can help you with

As an independent designer I have the flexibility to help your business work on various creative aspects and challenges you might face. I specialize in offering adept web design and Webflow development services to help businesses establish a strong online presence and connect with their target audience effectively.

Web Design

UI/UX design
Marketing sites

Your website is the face of your business, which is why you should invest into the aesthetic and feel of your website. I focus on creating websites that are adaptable, creative, and user-focused so they perfectly fit the needs of your business.

Helping Startups

UI/UX design
Marketing sites

Starting a new business can be challenging, but your branding and website should not be. That’s why I provide an extensive web design experience through creative design, Webflow development, and branding serves so that you can get ahead in reaching your online goals.

Webflow Development

Marketing Sites
Landing Pages

As a Webflow developer and creative consultant, I merge artistic flair with strategic acumen in each project. Rooted in brand identity, my bespoke solutions not only visually captivate but also harmonize with business objectives.

Art Direction


I bring your ideas to life with a focus on captivating visual storytelling and innovative design. From concept to execution, I ensure cohesive visuals that resonate with your audience, making your creative endeavors truly shine.


Discovery and strategy

I don't just dive headfirst into designing websites. I like to get to know my clients first. I'll ask you all sorts of questions about your business goals, target audience, and to describe your business using three words. I also might like to meet up in person if you are in Amarillo!

Design and development

I'm akin to an artist crafting a masterpiece. Beginning with a blank canvas (website design), I meticulously choose colors (branding elements) and layer on details (UI/UX features) until I've fashioned a work of art (website) that encapsulates your vision and narrates your story.

Testing and quality assurance

Like a discerning judge on a cooking show, I meticulously taste-test your website, scrutinizing every detail. From bugs to glitches, I ensure a flawless user experience because I take quality assurance seriously. Your website deserves to be the best it can be.

Launch and optimization

Launch day resembles the grand opening of a new store. After investing considerable effort to reach this stage, I'm eager to showcase what I've crafted. Similar to maintaining a store, I understand the importance of keeping things fresh and up-to-date. I'll consistently optimize and refine your website to ensure it remains relevant and engaging for your audience.

Ongoing support

Our connection doesn't conclude with the website launch. Think of me as the dependable friend who always has your back. I'll offer continuous support, ensuring your website stays current and looks its best. Count on me to be there whenever you need assistance.


Client testimonials

“Jacob did a fantastic job, he’s super easy to work with and made our small business a great website that was everything we asked for. 10/10!”
Tice Lawn Care Logo.

Stephanie Tice

Web + Logo Design

“Jacob is efficient and timely with providing a service. His creative talent and vision for a project is incredible. Jacob is very good with revisions and communicates well. Definitely will continue to use him for his great work!”

Zachary Booth

EP Cover Art Design

About me

Cultivating creativity through design, I craft digital experiences that leave a lasting impact on your business.

Jacob E. Lara drinking a beer at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
Jacob and his little nephew Eli.
Jacob with his sister and other mom Anna.
Jacob with his family.
Jacob and his beautiful girlfriend Megan Winkelman.

The motivation behind my work

Macbook Pro on black rocks.
Jacob E. Lara looking over the railing in Florance, Oregon.

I'm a seasoned web and digital designer with extensive professional experience collaborating with marketing teams, designers, and entrepreneurs to elevate their online experience.

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