"Everything I do is for the 17-year-old version of myself"

-Virgil Abloh

Woman with a bag over her head.
Woman leaning over into the sunlight.
Digital art piece by Jacob E. Lara in reflection to his Broken Mind.
Woman with a plate over her face.
See through the lies, detailed shot.
Why I Create

Let me tell you a story

From a young age, I recognized the unique workings of my mind. Colors spoke louder than emotions, and imagination painted vivid worlds. As a designer, my craft extends beyond things into the realms of thoughts, emotions, and art. Transparency guides my approach, creating openly and using emotions not as secrets but as tools to inspire and provoke. I believe in fostering an environment where feelings are shared, encouraging a departure from mere observation to a connection with the emotional essence of creation.

“Broken Mind”

Creating with typography to visualize my scrambled thoughts.

“There is this feeling”

Be patient in becoming the person you’ve never seen before.


I am tired of crafting my identity to match the expectation of others.

“Fever Dream”

This must be a fever dream because why else would I have someone so perfect be around me?

What I Create For






The motivation behind my work

I find inspiration in my early childhood, and daily life as an adult. I create based off of my current emotion and not the current trend. I create with transparency to create for humans and not for algorithms.

Jacob Lara looking over the railing in Eugene, Oregon.
Little girl standing in the doorway with an unbrella.
Picture of Jacob Eugene Lara.

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